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History of EDCC


Dedicated to Sharing, Learning, and Enjoying Photography


Charter Members

First Meeting: February 15, 1991

Sandra & Ralph Carpenter

Nancy Clark

Ray Cloud

Clarence & Helen Collier

Pat Dollins

Powell & Mary Forrester

Richard Fulwider

Jim Ginney

Bill Kelly

Rod Long

Herb Samuels


Past Presidents 

Herb Samuels (1991-1992)

Mark Helmreich (1993-1994)

Bill Wyles (1995)

Brenda Faw (1996-1997)

Tom Paniagua (1998)

Julia Helmreich (1998)

Nelson Passas (1999-2002)

Lori Wahl (2003-2004)

Jim Taylor (2005-2006)

Bob Thomas (2007-2008)

Judy Brantner (2009-2010)

Karen Ormond (2010-2011)

Rob Stewart (2012)

Kathy Durrett (2012-2013)

Steve Gumbiner (2014)


Honorary Lifetime Members

Jim Ginney (1991)

Mike Rafferty (1991)

Herb Samuels (1994)

Dorothy Fields (1999)

Marion Pedlar (2003)

Betty Sederquist (2004)


Turtle by Lori Wahl