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Monthly Challenge Guidelines


Dedicated to Sharing, Learning, and Enjoying Photography


Dedicated to Sharing, Learning, and Enjoying Photography



The Monthly Challenge will take place in January, March, April, June,

August, September, November, at the beginning of each meeting. 

These competitions are held the months we do not have the regular

Print Competition and the socials. Photo check in starts around
6:15 to 6:30.

Monthly Challenge Competition rules

1. Each Challenge stands on its own. Members will vote on the photos

giving a 1(not good) to 10(excellent) point value. Judge the photo

individually not against the others. 

2. Members only, one entry per member.  Winners earn $20 prize

and will be announced at the next meeting.

3. Entries used in one competition can not be used in another, and

MUST have been taken within the last 12 months.

4. Sizes of photos must be between 8 x10 and 11 x 14 and must be


5. White mat only, no color added, no borders added to your picture. 

Do not put any identifying marks or your name on the photo.  We will

put a sticky note with a number for voting on it. 

6. Photos may be black and white or color.

7. Post-Processing Guidelines

As a general guideline use of basic photographic techniques such as

dodging, burning, masking, spotting, toning, or sharpening only.

Adjustments may be made for exposure, contrast, color, or

saturation. Light healing or cloning may be used to remove small

distractions. No heavy manipulating such as layering photos, blending

multiples, multi shot panos or software filters such as Topaz or NIK.

8. Rules and theme will be posted for the voters.




January - Minimalist

March - Winter Scene

April - Moon

June - Abandoned

August - Beauty from Decay

September - Complimentary Colors

November - Cell Phone App



The Monthly Challenge is audience judged.

A.How it fits the theme- can you tell what the theme is in the


B. Focus/sharpness

C. Composition 


Children Playing in the Surf

by Linda Candilas